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GOV.UK Notify is sending messages for more than 1,500 services across the public sector拉萨大弘欣商贸有限公司


GOV.UK Notify, the government’s messaging platform, is now used in more than 1,500 services across the public sector. It is open to service teams in central and local government, the NHS and emergency services to communicate quickly, cheaply and reliably with their users.

Transforming GOV.UK: the future of digital public services德令哈新欣益商贸有限公司


Since 2012, we’ve taken nearly 2,000 government websites and combined them into a single site. But over these last 7 years, both technology and user expectations have changed in profound ways. In this post, Jen Allum talks about the next big phase of GOV.UK.

What it’s like to be part of the DDaT Fast Stream and how you can apply昆明祥进新有限公司


Applications for the Digital, Data and Technology Fast Stream programme are now open. In this post, Anna and Kevin – Fast Streamers based at GDS – talk about their experiences of the scheme and share their tips for applying.

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